Missiles Pounded Afgoye, Somalia- Is it the French or U.S?

The city of Afgoye, in southern Somalia, has seen an influx of refugee’s due to thousands of Somali’s fleeing their famine stricken villages. This Sunday, missiles struck the city of Afgoye leaving the city in a panic and frustrations with the international community. Al Shabab said the Kenyan troops couldn’t be responsible for the attack as they too were taken by surprise. The French and U.S boats have been supporting the Kenyan insurgency to push back Al Shabab. Both the French and U.S have denied it and have played the blame game.


Here is a link to a AP article on Hiiraan- U.S. and French Both Deny Responsibility


Michelle Bachmann: Iraq, Reimburse Us

Someone please make sense of what this lady just said.

On Oct. 23rd, 2011 Michelle Bachmann was invited to the show Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer. In this interview she asked the President Obama, to take a seat on the negotiation table and ask Iraq to reimburse us for the 10 years we went into their country, for no justifiable reason, and without the permission of our own congress and destroyed it.

Here is the  Face The Nation link to hear her statement.

UNESCO Gives Palestinians Full Membership

Today is Halloween, I was expecting to wake up to some spooky surprises and news but it couldn’t be further from the truth then what tweets I was about to read.  UNESCO has given Palestine full membership. Hooray! All praises be to Allah.

The list of awesome countries to visit grew by 107 for me this morning,
Other than my personal favorite countries Russia, China and Venezuela here are a few countries that sort of surprised:

Belgium, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Vietnam and Luxembourg

For a full list check out Sean’s post in Human Province

What made this day even more memorable is the fact that UNESCO reps. Were laughing at Israel when they voted ‘No’.

Here is a clip from Euro News:

Seeing though that it is Halloween, the scary could not hide.
US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters the United States had no choice but to halt funding. She said the US would not make a planned $60 million (43 million euros) transfer that was due in November.
Is this for real? are we going to disconnect ourselves from the international world every time they do something we don’t agree with or doesn’t align with our views? I guess so.

We pray today’s good news is a looking glass into future peace and dialogue in the region. Surely today showed that the world does care for the betterment of the Palestinian people with tolerance and peace from both them and Israel.